Why Do Standard Procedures Not Get Updated

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During the late 80’s and early 90’s, there was a major push in industry to again ISO9000 accreditation. One of the items that was often missing was a series of procedures for a process that would provide confidence that the process was being followed and a quality product would be produced. The second requirement that often followed was a document control system so that only the latest version of the procedure was in use.

To get a standard procedure finalised usually required a minimum of three signatories, the person who wrote it, the person who checked it was correct and finally an authorising person to say that all the checks had been completed. To get all three (or more) signatories usually took a long time.

It was recognised that procedures do change over time and a process was required to modify and then re-authorise the document. A review date was also added to each procedure to enforce a review and ensure the process was still compliant.

The difficulty with this system was the amount of time required to check and re-authorise the procedures that it tended to get put on the back and rarely got completed.

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